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Low Cost Fiduciary Friendly Retirement Plans for Business

Potomac Wealth Management is a fee-only independent registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, with extensive experience in the design, management and deployment of low cost, fiduciary-friendly retirement plans for businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Potomac Wealth Management, LLC serves as a fiduciary to both individual clients as well as the company retirement plans we manage.

Plan Creation & Administration

We are experts in creating and administering low cost, fiduciary-friendly 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans for business and non-profit entities.

Employee Education

Employee education increases plan participation and company sponsored retirement plans are one of the most sought-after employee benefits.

Reporting & Administration

Robust reporting ensures that owners and employees are updated on plan performance and are informed of changes and new opportunities.

Potomac Wealth Management, LLC works with a wide variety of business types and with non-profit organizations to devise, direct and manage low cost qualified defined contribution plans. We provide complete plan management and reporting, employee education to increase plan participation, and act in a fiduciary capacity representing your organization’s best interests without conflicts of interest.


We are independent and act as your fiduciary, Potomac Wealth Management, LLC must act in the best interests of its clients. This means the only incentive we have to recommend one investment over another is its merit as an investment, not the need to generate a commission.  We are completely free to create low cost plans tailored to the needs of the client.



Most pre-packaged or “bundled” retirement programs offered by banks, mutual fund, and insurance companies are marketed in a way that makes them appear as an inexpensive alternative for employers who want to offer a retirement benefit to their employees. The reality however, is usually quite different as fees and other expenses embedded in those products often make them quite expensive. Besides being expensive, these organizations usually will not act as a fiduciary because, regardless of what they say or how nice they may be, the commission-based provider operates with a built in conflict of interest.


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Failures of Active Management

Most traditional investment providers offer actively managed investment products as the solution to their clients’ needs. This means picking individual stocks and timing the market with the goal of beating an index or benchmark. Failures of Active Management – Kurt Laubinger from GuideVine on Vimeo. This has helped Wall Street firms earn higher fees in their sales force. There’s typically incentive to offer active strategies because of the high commissions they earn as a reward for selling them. Let’s take a look at the facts. Here’s a chart depicting the performance of active equity managers over a given time frame. You can see it doesn’t matter whether it’s large cap, small cap, or international. Most of these active managers fail to outperform their benchmark. The statistics are compelling. The idea that superior intellect or better stock-picking prowess offers better returns does not play out in real life. Even more compelling is the fixed income slide. Again, with many different asset categories covered here, most of these active managers failed to beat their benchmark. These results change from year to year, but the theme is the same. Each year, 60 to 70 percent of active managers fail to beat their benchmark. The ones that do are not the same ones from year to year, and trying to figure out who will outperform next year is even more difficult. If investors can perform in the top 30 to 40 percent of managers on a regular basis by owning the benchmark instead of trying to beat it, they will find themselves floating closer and closer to the top of performance...

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