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Independent Fee-Only

As an independent, fee-only financial advisory firm, we do not receive commissions and provide wealth management services free from conflicts of interest.

Retirement Plans

We design cost effective retirement plans, provide participants with investment guidance and act as plan fiduciaries under §3(21) or §3(38).

Experienced DFA Advisor

With 30 years of experience in advising individuals and organizations, PWM is a Dimensional Funds-approved financial advisor, specializing passively managed index fund investments.

More About Potomac Wealth Management, LLC

Potomac Wealth Management, LLC, located in Great Falls, Virginia, is a fee-only registered investment advisory (RIA) firm serving the financial management needs of high-wealth individuals and businesses throughout the United States. Acting as fiduciaries, we operate with no conflicts of interest, allowing us to design, manage and execute financial plans tailored to our clients’ goals and tolerance for risk.


  • Financial Planning Services
  • Portfolio Management for Individuals
  • Portfolio Management for Businesses and Institutional Clients
  • Pension Consulting Services
  • Educational Seminars and Workshops

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services and discuss the options available to help you to reach your investment goals.

Kurt E. Laubinger

Kurt E. Laubinger

President and Founder

The Principal Officer and Founder of Potomac Wealth Management, LLC is Kurt E. Laubinger, who has been a professional investor since 1983 and has been assisting high net-worth individuals and institutional clients with the design, implementation and management of their financial assets for over thirty years. He holds a BS degree in Business Administration from Old Dominion University and has received post graduate training in personal trust, estate planning and employee benefits from the Cannon Trust School in Athens, Georgia. Kurt has been a speaker at National Conferences on topics related to investments and retirement planning and is cited from time to time in national industry publications. He has written extensively on retirement planning and is published in newsletters and on the world-wide web.

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Recent Posts

Do we really have to do what is best for the investor?

Believe it or not, this question is at the heart of a hotly debated new rule proposed by the Department of Labor (DOL) surrounding the investment alternatives and advice provided to retirement plan sponsors and participants. Simply put, many brokers who provide this advice can offer a number of alternatives to ERISA based plans and their participants. As long as the recommendation can be deemed a “suitable” one based on the investor’s objectives, the broker is free to recommend those that make him/her the most money instead of what is in the best interest of the client. It is easy to make the connection that the more money paid to the broker for selling an investment, generally, the worse the outcome for the investor. This dynamic represents an inherent conflict of interest. The broker is faced with the choice of generating enough commission to feed his family or provide the best advice to the client. Now, let’s add another dynamic. Assume that the company employing the broker demands a certain level of commission income from its representatives in exchange for their continued employment and those with the highest levels of commission will be rewarded by the company with higher pay and other perks. Now, the broker is faced with a slightly different choice, one of generating enough commission income to feed his family and buy that new Ferrari or lose his job. Since the commissioned based approach generally used by most providers of retirement plan services is one that is driven by this conflict of interest, the DOL proposed a new rule designed to elicit better advice for the...

How much do I need to save for retirement?

Watch Massi De Desantis, PHD, Senior Researcher & Vice President Dimensional Fund Advisors discuss how much you need to save for retirement. Potomac Wealth Management is a Dimensional Funds-approved financial advisor, specializing passively managed index fund investments. If you are interested in working with PWM and making the most of your retirement we invite you to contact...

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